Colonial Jobs Pathfindercolonial_jobs.jpg Please take a step back into the past to explore the interesting jobs of

Colonial Americans.

Follow the links on this Pathfinder to learn more about colonial jobs.
Print and use the Note Taking Handout to keep your information organized.

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Essential Questions:

What were jobs like in Colonial America?
How was life different in Colonial America than it is today?
Do we still need these jobs today?

Online Resources:

Internet Sites:

Colonial Occupations
This site is a great place to start. It defines the jobs for you.

Colonial Trades
This site has a list of many different trades during colonial times.
Find the Job you want to know about. Click on the link and learn about the trade.

Colonial Williamsburg
This site has a lot of information about the jobs and also includes great pictures!

A Day in the Life
This site breaks down the responsibilities of each colonial job.
You can also find some helpful pictures.

Trades of Colonial America
Great site with brief overview of each job.

Tradesmen in Colonial Times

Lots of information on different jobs, there are also activities to do if you have time.

Pictures of Colonial Jobs
Pictures of 100 different colonial jobs. Just click on the job you need to research.
You can find great articles, pictures, and videos.


World Book: Colonial Life
Very interesting information. Focus in on the economy.

Britannica: Student Edition
Remember to select your age range.
This helps the site give you information on your level.

Web Quests:

What Is My Occupation?
There are very helpful links on this page.

A Day in the Life of...
Helpful information, pictures, and even a note taking sheet.
Tons of sites about each job.
There is also information about the tools that were used in colonial times.

Colonial Occupations
Great information with student drawn pictures.
This is written in first person, so you really feel like you are really talking to a person from colonial America.

(Your teacher has the log in information)
Before you search in a database print out the Planning Your Keywords handout.
Fill out the handout and you will have a lot of great words to help you in your search.

KEYWORDS to use when SEARCHING a DATABASE:look---.gif
Colonial Jobs
Colonial Occupations
Colonial Trade
Colonial America
Colonial Life
America 1600-1700
Also: use the job title
example: blacksmith

*You made need to use any combination of these keywords.
*You also do not need to use only these words. Be creative!

World Book
Many articles, pictures, and encyclopedia entries.

Kids InfoBits
Large collection of articles from reference books, magazines, and newspapers. There are also maps, charts, graphs, and pictures. This database also tells you what the reading level of the article is, so you will not become frustrated of bored.

SIRS Discoverer on the Web
Articles, pictures, and even websites!

Britannica Online (Elementary)
This site will help you find: encyclopedia entries, magazine and journal articles, and websites. You can even find pictures and videos.

IPL KidSpace
Find magazine articles about colonial life.


Hockessin Public Library
Search for and reserve books from your local library.

If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern

Colonial Times: 1600-1700 by Joy Massoff

Books by Kathy Wilmore:
A Day in the Life of a Colonial Wigmaker

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Printer

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Schoolteacher

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Silversmith

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Blacksmith

A Day in the Life of a Colonial Innkeeper

Search Engines:

Ask Kids
Type Explorer's name in the search window.

Kids Click!
Type Explorer's name in the search window. (limited information)

Just For Fun: Test Your Knowledge!

Colonial Occupation Quiz